Friday, February 11, 2011

Dawson Dolly Singing my Song

Remember my song "16 dogs"? A couple years ago, the girls and I rewrote the lyrics to Tennessee Ernie Ford's classic song, "16 Tons." We changed it to "16 Dogs." The topic? The Iditarod, of course. You can read the original version and listen to the girls singing here.

A few months ago I shared the lyrics with "Dawson Dolly," an Alaskan entertainer I met on Facebook. I encouraged her to sing the song wherever she wanted. Together we made history. She's a good friend of musher Hugh Neff. When he left the Dawson City Checkpoint. Dolly sent him off with my song. (She changed the lyrics a bit to fit with the Yukon Quest.) It was an instant YouTube phenomenon. Here it is: