Monday, June 30, 2008

Riddle #20 The Music Stops

I almost forgot my promise to post a new riddle every Sunday evening. I thought of it just as I was going to bed. So I'm late, but here goes. This riddle is a bit different. I'm almost sure it will require a lot of Q & A. Here goes:

The music stops and a woman dies. How and why did she die?

The correct answer has been guessed. See the comments section for the answer. I will post another riddle Sunday at midnight.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Riddle #19: The Job Offer

Here's a new riddle:

The year is 1880. A man walks into a busy, noisy office to apply for a job. He fills out the necessary paperwork and is told to sit with the other job applicants and wait until he is called. A few minutes later, he gets up and goes into another room. Someone greets him and tells him, "Congratulations. You have the job!" The other job applicants are upset, because they arrived earlier than this man, yet he was offered the job for a good reason. Why did he get the job?

NOTE: The correct answer has been guessed. To see the answer, look in the comments section.

Lateral Thinking Puzzlers by Paul Sloane has lots of classic riddles, clues and answers. Click here to order it.

No, it's not our tree

A few weeks ago, during a short but intense thunderstorm, this hackberry split in two. One side fell against the roof of the next house and a small cedar tree. The other side blocked the street. It was the talk of the neighborhood. Literally. Interesting how something like this brings people out to socialize while they observe the damage and discuss what happened. We even had a neighbor knock on our door at 10:00 p.m. to make sure we knew about it.
I e-mailed a photo to the local news station, and they showed it several times, along with my name. Friends called me, worried that it was our beautiful oak tree in front of our house, for which our home school (Oakview Christian School) is named, as well as our home business (Oakview Resources). Fortunately for us, we had had our oak tree trimmed last summer, and it weathered the storm without any difficulty. After all, "Oak Stump Christian School" and "Fallen Oak Resources" just don't have the same ring.

This has been an unusually stormy spring for our area. On a positive note, I've loved the rainfall for our flowers and garden (unfortunately the weeds love it too). But it gets a bit old having to cancel our plans and head for the basement. And no one wants to hear news like we did a few weeks ago: a tragedy that occurred when a tornado hit a nearby Boy Scout camp, in which four boys were killed.

Fortunately, the peak season for severe weather is drawing to a close, and we can look forward to a couple months where all we have to complain about is the heat and mosquitoes.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some cool night shots

Lately I've gotten lucky and was about to shoot some nice nightime photos. I took this one at Holmes Lake as I was driving by on one of my many "mommy taxi" drives. I just happened to catch these two kids fishing by the lake. I love the way everything is silhouetted.

I took this one during a barbecue at some friends recently. This picture not only shows the beautiful Nebraska sunsets, but also reminds me of the relaxing evening we spent roasting marshmallows and chatting.

One evening the full moon was looking pretty cool, so I got out the tripod and set it up on the sidewalk about a block away from our house, where I could get a good look at it. I experimented with several camera settings and finally found one that worked. It's hard to believe this was shot in the middle of the city.