Monday, April 21, 2008

Carmen's melodrama

Here are a few pictures of Carmen's melodrama group. They did a great play called "Dirty Work in High Places." It had the classic heroine, villain, hero, and lots of fun characters, complete with audience participation (boo, hiss, cheer, etc.) The dramakids even did some fun songs (called "olios"). Carmen played "Madame Presidente," leader of an island called "Bananaland." You can recognize her by the fruit on her head -- and yes, that's a wig.

I've included just a few of the pictures, along with some of the great quotes from the melodrama. For more pictures, see

"Dirty tricks. Dirty tricks. Each day of the week. We've got lots and lots and lots of tricks that really reek!"

"I am a fine musician."

"Why won't the men propose?"

"We won't propose."

"Alas. My little Bananaland Republic needs help."

"Home Sweet Home."

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