Saturday, May 17, 2008

Screech Owls

The screech owls are back. Each spring a nesting pair returns to the tree-of-heaven in our backyard. We have the perfect knothole where the owls can blend in with the bark and hide their babies. We sneak back behind our fence to watch them often, and I love the haunting trill sounds (which is nothing like a screech, btw). Photographers and birdwatchers gather in the parking lot behind our house to witness this amazing feature of God's creation. Tonight I was checking out the flowers in the backyard and was surprised to find one of the owls in our little mulberry tree. I quickly called the family and grabbed my camera. We've never been so close the owls before.

Here is the mate in the tree-of-heaven. Note how well it blends in with the bark.

For some reason the flash gave the owl the "red-eye" effect, giving the owl an eerie look.


  1. Marcia,
    The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. they are beautiful! It is amazing how they blend in. I posted a pic of ducks on my 365 blog and didn't even notice one duck because it blended in with its surroundings so well. God knew what He was doing to protect His animals.

  3. So very cool! What a wonderful blessing to see each spring!

  4. Hello Marcia! It's Yvonne here from the UK. I love your photo's of the screech owls, the owls are very beautiful and an amazing testimony to God's handiwork. :)) (I've added your blog to my favourites list)

  5. These are very cool...great photos of the pair.