Friday, June 12, 2009

Less Spam, and now I know why

Have you noticed that you've been getting less spam e-mail lately? I noticed it and it had me worried. What happened to the spam? If I'm not getting spam, does that mean I'm also not getting some important e-mails? Are my e-mails getting lost in some black hole? As a writer, I depend on e-mail to communicate with editors and clients and I can't afford to miss any e-mails.

A little googling turned up the following article:
It appears there was a takedown of a couple of big name botnets,which has drastically reduced spam.

Now why was this news buried where I had to search for it? This should be big news: to set our minds at ease, if nothing else. Or am I the only one who got worried when I stopped receiving Viagra ads and requests for mystery shoppers?

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