Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Fairies Poem and Fairy Garden Photos

 I love garden tours. Today I went on the 23rd Annual Backyard Habitat Tour, sponsored by the Wachiska Audubon Society of Southeast Nebraska. My favorite garden was a delightful fairy garden created by Cathy and John McQuinn.  The whimsical statues and displays nestled in amongst the beautiful flowers reminded me of a favorite childhood poem called "The Fairies." I discovered it in our family's copy of "Childcraft." I used to read the poem in a little sing-songy voice:  "There are FAIRIES at the BOTTOM of our GARDEN. It's NOT so very VERY far aWAY . . . "

Here is the poem, accompanied by photos I took today in the garden:

The Fairies

By Rose Fyleman

There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
   It’s not so very, very far away;
You pass the gardener’s shed and you just
keep straight ahead—
  I do so hope they’ve really come to stay.
There’s a little wood, with moss in it and beetles,
  And a little stream that quietly runs through;
You wouldn’t think they’d dare to come
         merry-making there—
                Well, they do.

There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
  They often have a dance on summer nights;
The butterflies and bees make a lovely little breeze,
  And the rabbits stand about and hold the lights.
Did you know that they could sit upon the moonbeams
  And pick a little star to make a fan,
And dance away up there in the middle of the air?
                Well, they can.

There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
  You cannot think how beautiful they are;
They all stand up and sing when the Fairy Queen and King
  Come gently floating down upon their car.
The King is very proud and very handsome;
  The Queen—now can you guess who that could be
(She’s a little girl all day, but at night she steals away)?
                Well—it’s ME!


  1. I have been facinated by fairy gardens in the last few years when I first heard about them. Love the photographs and I had forgotten about that poem. haha good ole' childcraft. There's big money wrapped up in fairy garden assesories. If you have pinterest I have a whole board devoted to fairy/miniture gardens. Much cheaper than having the real thing.