Monday, July 14, 2008

Riddle #21: Her husband

This one should be fairly easy.

A woman shoots her husband; then she holds him under water for five minutes; and finally she hangs him. But five minutes later the two of them go out to dinner and have a wonderful evening. How is this possible?

NOTE: This riddle has been guessed. I told you it was easy. To see the answer, read the comments.

Just a heads up: There will be no riddle next week.

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  1. Is she a photographer "shooting" a picture and developing the film?

  2. Sara, yes, you are correct. What about the fact that she hangs him? I'm sure you'll get this too.

  3. Hanging up the wet print to dry?

  4. I think I have this one!!!! She
    takes his picture (shoots him), she develops the picture (holds him under water), and then hangs
    the picture up on the wall (hangs
    him). Am I close?

  5. Sara, Not quite hanging up to dry. Aaron, you're correct. She hangs the picture on the wall. I told you this one was easy.