Sunday, November 9, 2008

Riddle #30: Only One Obeyed

Here's the next riddle:

A woman told all four of her children to do something, but only one obeyed. But the one who obeyed had to go sit in a chair, while the other three children got to continue the game they were playing. Why?

NOTE: The correct answer has been guessed. To read it, see the comments section.

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  1. Hmm.. They had to come in
    out of the cold?

  2. Was it dinner time, and
    only the one came to dinner?

  3. No, that wasn't it either. Keep asking questions.

  4. were the other three just playing the game of pretending to be her children, but really weren't?

  5. No Sonja, they were all her children.

  6. I think they were playing Simon Says.

  7. Marcy, you're correct! They were playing Simon Says. The mother told them to do something, but she didn't say "Simon says." The only one who obeyed was out of the game and had to go sit in a chair.

    Good job!