Sunday, December 21, 2008

Riddle #36: Tail lights

Here's the latest riddle. I think this one will be easy. My kids got it right away.

A teenage boy picks up a tire wrench and breaks the tail lights in a car that doesn't belong to him. But when the police find out, they do not give him a ticket. Instead, they arrest the owner of the car. Why?

The correct answer has been guessed. To read it, see the comments

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  1. Because his tail lights are out?
    Although I wouldn't think that
    would be grounds to arrest someone.
    But you never know in our modern
    day unconstitional nation. :-(

  2. Nope, it wasn't because his tail lights were out. You're right; that wouldn't be cause for arrest; a ticket maybe, but not arrest. Also, you have to figure out why they did NOT give the boy a ticket for breaking the tail lights in the first place.

  3. Because the boy broke the lights from the inside of the trunk. He was being kidnapped.

  4. Yes, Jen, that's it. I told you it was easy.