Monday, December 29, 2008

Riddle #37: Shoe Shopping

Here's the latest riddle:

A man places a classified ad in the newspaper. As a result, he goes shoe shopping with a total stranger on a regular basis. Why?

The correct answer has been guessed. To see it, please see the comments section.

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  1. Are the shoes actual shoes, or like, dog booties or something odd?

  2. Have both the men lost oppisite legs, and are they trying to save money by buying a single pair of shoes?

  3. Halfmask, that is one possible answer, and it is very, very close to the answer I have in mind. However, my answer is slightly different. Can you think of a similar scenario where both men have two legs?

  4. Is it because he has feet that are two different sizes and he finds someone else who does as well?

  5. Yes, Skysong, that's the answer I was thinking of (though Halfmask's answer is also a possibility). He had two different sizes of feet, and he found someone else who also had two different sizes, so they could share shoes. Good job.