Monday, October 6, 2008

Riddle #27: The Letter

You are at an antique sale, and a man is trying to sell you a letter. "This is from Woodrow Wilson," he says. "It is dated 1918, and President Wilson sent this letter to my grandfather."

This is what the letter says: "Dear Colonel Jones: Because of your bravery during World War I, we are presenting you with this medal of honor. Thank you for serving your country. Your courage is an inspiration to many. Sincerely, President Woodrow Wilson."

You look at the letter a minute, then announce: "This is obviously a fake." How do you know?

NOTE: The correct answer has been guessed. To read it, see the comments section.

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  1. It has something to do with the
    text of the letter, right?

  2. Is it that WWI was called The Great War until WWII occured?

  3. Yes, you are correct. Before WW II it was called "the Great War." Good job!

  4. I'm too slow for this.