Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Party

We recently went to a pumpking carving party. Carmen made a scene, with a sunrise and trees.

Monica made a Winnie the Pooh.

Of course, I had to make -- what else -- a dogsled. I won 2nd place in the "scene" category -- well, it was 2nd place out of 3 entries.

Evert won 2nd place in the "Silliest Face" category. Can you guess whose face this is? Clue: A famous person, vaguely related to dogsledding. If you have a guess, leave it in the comments section.

For more pictures from the party, see:


  1. Ah of course. Who else likes Iditarod? That's really cute!!!

  2. I'm the main Iditarod fan in the family, but I have gotten a few friends interested too.

  3. Is it supposed to be Sarah Palin with her fancy glasses?

  4. Oh. You really fooled me!!!! I didn't know you knew Sarah Palin. :-) I didn't know she liked Iditarod too.

  5. No, we don't actually know Sarah Palin personally, but because of my interest in the Iditarod, I knew who she was before she was named as McCain's running mate. The governor always calls and congratulates the winner of the Iditarod. (Remind me to tell you the story of Lance Mackey's phone conversations with her.) Plus I've seen her on a DVD about Martin Buser.

  6. I didn't think you knew Sarah Palin, I was just joking (note the
    :-) ).

    Ah yes, I remember that story.