Saturday, March 8, 2008

Iditarod Poem

I usually write a poem or two during the race. This is my first one of 2008, a free verse from a musher's point of view, touching on the hallucinations that start to occur about this time, from the lack of sleep:

The frosted fingers of cold pinch my skin.
False images dance before me like ghosts.
I dodge terrifying trees where there are none,
Call out to friends who disappear
Into the snowy veils that surround me.
I jolt,
Suddenly aware
Of the whoosh of my runners
The panting of my dog team
Running across the icy expanse.
Alone with creation,
We survive,
We continue,
We prevail
We are victors,


  1. Cool poem. I introduced my husband to! He is really into it. He checks the leaderboard several times a day and is reading all the posts about it. It is kind of cool.

  2. We are studying a unit on the Iditarod this month and the kids are loving it.

  3. Marcia, your poetry is amazing. I love it. This is a talent I have always wished I had.

    Keep it up. I look forward to owning one of your first edition books of poetry. :^)