Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Riddle #12: A tear in his suit

Riddle #11 has been guessed, so it's time for a new riddle. I think this one might be easier:

A man is at work and he discovers he has a tear in his suit. Immediately he knows he will die soon. Why?

The correct answer has been guessed. Please see comments section for the answer.

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  1. the tear was made by a bullet or arrow.

  2. It is his birthday suit, and blood is gushing out of the tear.

    --that is my husband's guess

  3. He is a bee keeper and is highly allergic to bees. With the tear in his suit, he knows that a bee is going to get in and sting him.

    ---This is 10 yr old Isabelle's guess

  4. He is in a haz-mat suit working around something horribly deadly and contagious.

    ---one of my guesses.

  5. Astronaut working out in space and the tear lets out his pressurized air...

    or deep sea, really deep sea, diver.

    --the last of my guesses

  6. He is a knight and the tear is in his suit of armor.

    --10 yr old Isabelle

    I'll spare you the guesses about the parasitic alien and the paleontologist and the undercover super-hero at the kryptonite convention.

  7. OK, one more really odd one: He is a professional gambler. The tear is in his suit of cards, hence he is discovered cheating and the other gamblers are going to end his life.

    --40 yr old husband's guess

  8. Lazy Susan,

    Wow -- you're amazing! So many creative ideas. You should write riddles yourself. All the ideas are good ones; however, the one I had in mind was this one: Astronaut working out in space and the tear lets out his pressurized air...

    Good job!

  9. Wow! We got it! The riddle about the two letters had us (me, husband, the teen) perplexed for so long! Looking forward to the next one and promising not to give that many answers.

    Susan in MO