Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mahoney State Park

After more than a week of bitter cold, we had a welcome January thaw. Perfect weather for a homeschool gathering for Mahoney State Park that was planned for today. The girls enjoyed ice skating with their friends. Because the rink was shaded, most of the ice was still good.

A friend and I took a walk in the park. The paths were still snowy, so we had to stick to the roads, but it still gave us an opportunity to enjoy the sights.

OK, it wasn't THAT warm!

After skating the girls played in the indoor playland with some of their friends. That's my two on the right.

The inevitable "silly pose."


  1. Oh my -
    I can't imagine who was camping in the snow in tents!!!

  2. I actually think it was the Boy Scouts or a similar group.

  3. Pretty pics, Marcia, and what a lovely day to go skating!

  4. Looks fun, very nice pictures.