Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What is Project365?

Project365 is a blog ring made up of members of a homeschooling e-mail group I belong to. The challenge is to take one photo every day of the year and post it to your blog. I've joined the challenge this year. However, the rules are more like guidelines, so some are going to post once a week (more like a project 52). I plan to post 7 photos per week, but not necessarily one from every day. Membership is limited to members of our e-mail list. However, anyone can view the blogs. Just click on "next" on the "Project 365" logo on the right side of my blog. On every blog you'll find another "Project 365" logo, where you can click "next." Eventually you'll view all the blogs (about 20 or so) and end up at mine.

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